Raniero Corbelletti was born in Cesena (Italy) in 1973, he gained a degree in Aerospace Engineering and also developed his passion for photography since he was a child.
In 2000 he worked for the Photo Agency Globus, covering many sports events as well as stages and plays.
In 2001 he started to specialize in Artistic Roller Skating, covering mostly of the events worldwide.
In 2006 he was appointed the Official Photographer for the European Artistic Committee CEPA, as well to the Italian Roller Skating Federation (today known as F.I.S.R.) and the International Federation of Roller Sports (today known as WORLD SKATE).
Since 2017 he restarts to work also in Ice Figure Skating covering mostly of the international events.
At today he is considered one of the most popular photographer all around the world in Artistic Roller Skating, he collaborate with various Photo Agencies all around the World.
You can find his works published on many National and International newspapers, magazines and websites.